NSN launches Facebook app to connect customers to operators


Nokia Siemens Networks has launched its set of self-care applications that uses social media for customers to manage personal telecom services. Taking into account that consumers spend a lot of time on sites like Facebook NSN has logically extended this trend to include apps that help users connect to telecom operators on these sites.

The application enhances Nokia Siemens Networks’ range of self-care portals – share@once – that facilitate direct interaction between operators and customers. The new Facebook app complements a mobile self-care app for smartphones and a web-based self-care portal that can already provide a simpler way to manage telecom services.

“The beauty of the Facebook app is that it engages with people on their preferred social networking site,” said Rick Centeno, head of business support systems (BSS) at Nokia Siemens Networks. “People spend more time on social networks than individual websites. With this Facebook app, Nokia Siemens Networks helps operators to connect with people in a familiar setting where they already spend their online time. It takes self-care to a new level.”

The app from a consumer’s perspective, provides them absolute ease of use since its on a platform they are used to – Facebook. With the all-under-one roof approach of providing all services and options under one single app, consumers don’t have to go to multiple websites in case they are using multiple telecom operators for different services. The new app enables customers to check their balance, browse and buy special offers and subscribe to services. In addition, customers can share their experience across their social network and get rewards for recommending services to friends. The app aims to offer an improved service by allowing operators to engage with customers where they spend their time online. Regular services like instant access to account information such as prepaid and postpaid balance, recent call duration, cost and contact details will also be available.

The introduction of this app also adds to the trend of Enterprise 2.0 where more enterprises are getting onto social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn for connecting with their existing and potential customers. The added  advantage for enterprises would be the amplification factor where every good service offered by a provider can be amplified or “Liked” by users and shared across “The Wall” to all their connections. This approach to the enterprises is a double edged sword where the same influencer can affect the brand value negatively in case of dissatisfaction with a provider’s service.

The Facebook app adds to Nokia Siemens Networks’ portfolio of share@once self-care portals, which are already available in versions designed for smarphones and the web. All three share@once self-care portals are based on Nokia Siemens Networks’ modular and scalable charge@once unified platform. The platform provides a unified view for operators of special offers, and charging and billing for all types of voice and data services in all networks, independent of whether it is a prepaid or postpaid scheme.

With the three approaches to sense the pulse of the customer, share@once enhances Nokia Siemens Networks’ Customer Experience Management (CEM) portfolio. CEM provides insight into the factors affecting a customers’ experience to define and automate specific actions to make it better.

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