CDMA 450 MHz technology pushes into Norway, Brazil


OSLO, Norway-CDMA 450 technology is making headway in various global markets, with Norway awarding a 450 MHz license in that country, and trials of the technology concluding in Brazil.

The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority said it received a $161,000 bid from Nordisk Mobiltelefon AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Advanced Research Sweden AB for 450 MHz spectrum currently held by Telenor ASA. The ministry said it will issue the 453 to 457.5 MHz and 463 to 467.5 MHz spectrum once payment is received.

Telenor currently operates NMT services in the spectrum, and it is expected the new license holder will offer CDMA services in the band, which becomes available Jan. 1, 2005, when Telenor’s license expires.

“The spectrum license to be auctioned off will be neutral in terms of technology,” said NPT in auction details.

If CDMA is deployed in the spectrum, it will be one of a handful of CDMA 450 MHz launches in Europe, with the others mainly in Eastern Europe, including in Russia and Romania. The nationwide15-year license requires an annual fee. A minimum of 30 base stations must be deployed with total coverage of at least 16,000 square kilometers.

In Brazil, Lucent Technologies Inc. and telecom regulator Anatel announced the results of a CDMA 450 MHz trial conducted around Brasilia, the country’s capital. During the first month of the trial, more than 3,000 people in cities surrounding Brasilia accessed the 1x and 1x EV-DO trial network.

Lucent said the technology offered wireless voice and data services to remote locations without telecommunications infrastructure. Lucent did not detail any future commercial plans for the technology in Brazil.

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