Avaya Canada signs deal with OnSat Hospitality


TORONTO-Avaya Canada, a provider of business communications systems and services, signed an agreement with OnSat Hospitality Joint Venture Ltd., which provides broadband satellite-based wireless Internet connections to deliver wireless broadband services to the hospitality industry.

Avaya’s wireless systems will be combined with OnSat Communications’ Digital Equity Network to create in-building wireless networks to deliver mobile Internet and movie services via satellite to hotel patrons and mobile workers. OnSat is targeting the billion-dollar hospitality industry throughout North America and plans to install the system in 250 hotels this year.

The agreement “will enhance guests’ experience, providing them with the convenience of unlimited connectivity and true broadband access while traveling,” said Dan Hidlebaugh, president and chief executive officer of OnSat. “There is significant excitement being generated around this product and it has the potential to become the new standard in the Canadian hospitality industry.”

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