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‘At its core, it’s a question of “who wins?”‘ Alef CEO on the fight for the enterprise

'The question of the hyperscaler vs. the operator is about two monolithic things bouncing against each other, and it will eventually blow up,' says Alef CEO For the CEO of Alef Mike Mulica, it’s a very interesting time in telecom. His background, in his own...

United Nations: 4.2 billion don’t have Internet access

UN commission is focused on bridging the digital divide In a report released Sept. 21, the United Nations Broadband Commission for Digital Development found that 4.2 billion people, 57% of the world's population, don't have regular access to the Internet. And that's a problem, according to...

India kills mobile Internet for 63M users

Authorities in the Indian state of Gujarat have reportedly shut down mobile Internet service for the 63 million area residents in light of political protests in the region. The apparent cause of the protests, as reported by TNW News, is the detention of community leader...

Kagan: Former Sprint CEO Dan Hesse on mobile Internet

The mobile Internet presents a new wave of opportunities and challenges to the wireless industry. Dan Hesse, previous CEO of Sprint, shared his thoughts on the changing wireless industry and the mobile Internet in a Forbes article out today. I think his discussion of five...

Generation Wireless: Please sir, we want some more and we want it yesterday

Editor’s Note: Looking to bring a younger perspective to the mobile space, RCR Wireless News has tapped Jeff Hawn to provide insight into what’s on the minds of the tech-savvy youth of today. The verdict is in, and the Federal Trade Commission has ruled that...

NTIA: Mobile broadband use accelerating, equalizing

A new report from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration reflects the fact that Americans have been rapidly adopting mobile broadband use. NTIA's report "confirms skyrocketing demand for devices that allow users to access Internet applications nearly anywhere," according to Lawrence Strickling, who is assistant secretary of...

Reality Check: Going mobile to entice young voters

The explosion in the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets provides a significant opportunity for governments to reverse the European election trends and drive up voter engagement.

Time Trippin’: Nextel sets standard on mobile Internet, tower sales … 15 years ago this week

Editor’s Note: The RCR Wireless News Time Machine is a way to take advantage of our extensive history in covering the wireless space to fire up the DeLorean and take a trip back in time to re-visit some of the more interesting headlines from...

2014 Predictions: The social, mobile, customer-centric dam breaks for businesses

In the past few years the iOS and Android device revolution has firmly and irreversibly shifted consumer online activity to a mobile-first experience. The majority of consumer traffic growth,

2014 Predictions: A new, faster Internet – with optimized protocols

A new, faster Internet: Internet giants like Google and Apple are investing in making the Internet faster. A faster Web serves more content, adds and searches, which by end of the day means

Reality Check: A positive mobile experience taps into the psychology of consumers’ actions

Brand marketers need to ask themselves where mobile fits into their digital strategy and then drive the behavior and actions they want from their mobile audience.

FreedomPop adds LTE to ‘free’ mobile Internet offer through Sprint deal

FreedomPop’s unusual free mobile Internet model gained steam today as the company announced it would now offer customers access to Sprint’s LTE network. FreedomPop’s offering provides customers with up to 500 megabytes of mobile data service using its mobile hot spot device. The service...

Reality Check: Who’s winning the mobile tug-of-war for consumers’ loyalty?

When it comes to mobile customers, communications service providers are facing a new frontier. Highly-connected consumers are eager to use their mobile devices to pay for goods and services, watch videos and

Reader Forum: Your mobile website is probably broken and you don’t even know it

It is impossible to guess what mobile device, operating system version, user context or accessibility requirements your customers will be viewing your website on before it happens. But with a mobile

Reader Forum: How CSPs can capitalize on the rise of the mobile Web

The mobile Web is exploding.According to a recent Comscore study entitled “State of the U.S. Internet,” mobile Internet users will surpass desktop Internet users by 2014.

Time Trippin’: Mobile Internet, smartphones, prepaid all the rage … 14 years ago this week

Editor’s Note: The RCR Wireless News Time Machine is a way to take advantage of our extensive history in covering the wireless space to fire up the DeLorean and take a trip back in time to re-visit some of the more interesting headlines from...

T-Mobile USA slashes prepaid mobile data prices, ratchets up competitive pressure

T-Mobile USA continued its onslaught of the no-contract market, rolling out new mobile data plans set to be available May 20. The plans begin at $15 for 300 megabytes of “4G” mobile data transmission for one week across the carrier’s HSPA+-based network. For $25...

Colombian ETB adds mobile voice to its MVNO services

After offering mobile Internet access using a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) model, Colombian operator Empresa de Telecomunicaciones de Bogota (ETB) has added mobile voice to its offering. ETB will provide the service using Tigo's mobile network. “ETB's incursion into mobile telephony allows the operator...

Report: iPhone users easier on cellular networks than Android counterparts

To the potential delight of wireless operators, a new report from ComScore shows that a significantly higher percentage of iPhone users in the United States and United Kingdom rely on their device’s Wi-Fi capabilities than customers with Android-powered smartphones. This would be positive news...

Reader Forum: Going mobile – Why mobile-optimized websites will make or break a company

If you look around as you shop in a store and find people using their phones, you may not guess what one-third of them are doing.

MWC 2012: Cisco uses licensed, unlicensed solutions to meet mobile Internet growth

With mobile video projected to be 71% of all mobile data traffic by 2016, coverage is an ever-increasing challenge, said Cisco’s Murali Nemani in an interview with RCR Wireless News  ahead of Mobile World Congress. “Cisco is using licensed and unlicensed spectrum to complement...

Telenor makes Wikipedia available to 135M customers in Asia, Europe

The 3-year partnership between Telenor Group and the Wikimedia Foundation will cover users in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Montenegro and Serbia.

Brazil’s mobile data traffic set to exceed worldwide growth

While worldwide mobile data traffic is expected to increase 18-fold over the next five years, reaching 10.8 exabytes per month by 2016, in Brazil the rate is slightly higher with Cisco Systems predicting an 19-fold increase between 2011 and 2016. That will result in...

AT&T, Cisco add voice to mobile data explosion trend

Perhaps looking to counter claims that it is unfairly limiting download speeds to consumers, AT&T today came out with a new blog post noting that wireless data traffic across its network doubled last year, continuing a trend the carrier has seen since the launch...

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