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Kagan: How unified communications help companies grow

Unified communications is the name for a cloud-based service that lets companies use a growing and integrated variety of enterprise communications services. There are a growing number of providers in this space which is rapidly expanding. Let’s take a look at some of services...

Verizon continues fiber investments portending key role in 5G

Between acquisitions and supplier deals, Verizon has spent more than $3 billion on fiber--this year It's difficult to state just how valuable fiber optic assets are to the telecommunications network as the evolution from LTE to 5G continues. But, let's give it a shot using...

Dish to FCC: XO acquisition will give Verizon 5G advantage

Verizon 5G plans could be bolstered by 39 GHz spectrum The pending Verizon Communications acquisition of XO Communications has drawn the ire of satellite-TV provider Dish Network, which in a Federal Communications Commission filing claims the deal will give Verizon an unfair advantage as "5G"...

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