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Tips for inspecting towers by drone

Drone flight companies give tips for inspecting towers by drone. Telecommunications towers are inspected many times during the lifespan of a tower. Each time a tower is touched for modifications, it has to be inspected. “If there is a modification to tower, say a new antenna...

SK Telecom, DJI to add live streaming video to drones

Korea's top mobile carrier partners with drone maker DJI to add live- streaming high-def video to drones. Korean mobile operator SK Telecom and China-based drone-maker DJI have agreed to co-develop high-performance, high-definition live video streaming capabilities for drones for use on mobile networks. A live, real-time,...

Flying COW drones make headway

Flying COW drones are key FirstNet efforts and network plans of the future. Flying Cells on Wings are similar to their terrestrial COW cousins — except instead of being mounted on a portable mast, the cell is mounted on a drone. The drones are typically...

How telecom operators can benefit from drones

Drones in the telecom industry Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, are often characterized as toys or weapons, but they are also seen as maintenance tools among telecom operators. In a global report on the commercial applications of drone technology, PwC estimates the addressable market...

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