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Learning to code with the Iron Yard – Inside Telecom Careers Episode 9

Learning to Code with The Iron Yard was the focus on this week's episode of Inside Telecom Careers sponsored by Nexius: Accelerating Network and Business Transformation and TelecomCareers. Listen to the Inside Telecom Careers podcast: Coding has become a fixture in the future of the telecom, wireless and...

Coders – Episode 14: Reactions to Apple’s WWDC 2015

This week I'm talking to media pundits and developers about their thoughts on Apple's Monday announcements from the annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. Unsurprisingly, many believed the open-sourcing of Swift was one of the most significant changes. Open source Swift will have...

Coders: Episode 6 – Telecom API review

This week's episode of Coders features Greg Brail, Chief Architect for Apigee. Brail talked about the importance of API's for developers looking to take their apps to market. Specifically, API's now enable developers to directly tap into the power of telecom networks as never...

Geek culture geek Victor Agreda Jr. joins RCR

Agreda brings experience in software, coding, mobile gaming and more Please join us in welcoming tech aficionado Victor Agreda Jr. as the newest contributing member of the RCR Wireless News editorial team. In addition to hosting Coders, a weekly TV show about telecom software development, Agreda will...

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