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Kagan: Bell Mobility offers Siyata Mobile PPT device in Canada

Last week Siyata Mobile said Bell Mobility is now offering the Uniden UV350 push-to-talk device in Canada. Siyata has been testing their devices and software for a while on the Bell Mobility network, so winning this approval is important. So, if that’s the case,...

Kagan: FirstNet a growth opportunity for AT&T, Siyata Mobile, CNM

The marketplace is only just beginning to realize how FirstNet it is a new and real growth opportunity for AT&T. What it does not yet understand is it is also a growth opportunity for other companies as well, like CNM Wireless and Siyata Mobile....

Kagan: PTT Makes Wireless Comeback with Siyata Mobile

Push-to-Talk is on a rebound. Siyata Mobile is filling an important space in the changing wireless industry where there is a growing demand for PTT services. Some users and companies need this service, but had no place to turn. Siyata is focused on filling...

Kagan: Siyata Mobile is push-to-talk 2.0

I spoke with Marc Seelenfreund, CEO of Siyata Mobile Inc., a push-to-talk player. Think of them like Nextel on steroids. You remember Nextel. They were the PTT company that flourished in the business marketplace, then suddenly disappeared. Since that time, carriers like AT&T Mobility,...

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