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IoT in action: Oklahoma to connect LED lights

Silver Spring Networks told investors almost a year ago about a significant new customer that the company could not yet name. Today, the developer of IPv6-based IoT solutions said the customer is Oklahoma Gas & Electric, which wants to connect 250,000 LED street lights...

Qualcomm teams with Samsung, Intel AI … chip news for 11/18

Connecting everything: news bytes for 11/18 1. Samsung will manufacture Qualcomm's newest processor, the Snapdragon 835. Samsung says it will be the first chipmaker to enter mass production of 10 nanometer FinFET technology. FinFET is a 3D chip manufacturing technology expected to become a new...

IoT for NYC: Smart grid will touch 4 million homes

Silver Spring Networks will deploy IoT platform in New York New York's Consolidated Edison plans to connect more than 4 million electricity and gas customers to a smart grid deployed by Silver Spring Networks. The program is meant to support the state of New York...

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