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The Future of 5G synchronization: How GPS-independent solutions drive 5G rollout (Reader Forum)

5G drives higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity than 4G LTE networks, making it critical across industries globally. We have just started scratching the surface of the type of new use cases that become possible through 5G’s innovation potential. While the rollout of 5G...

What is Minimization of Drive Tests (MDT) in 5G?

The MDT solution taps user equipment (UE) to collect field measurements Introduced in 3GPP Rel-10, Minimization of Drive Test (MDT) is a standardized mechanism designed to enable operators to use user devices in a network to collect mobile network data, and thus, reduce the need...

What 5G NR positioning enhancements are in in Rel-17?

Cellular positioning was first introduced in the mid-nineties to meet regulatory requirements of emergency call positioning; since then, the possibilities for this feature have drastically expanded to address the needs of industrial verticals and use cases such as logistics, smart factories, autonomous vehicles, digital...

What 5G location services improvements are in Release 17?

‘Enhancement to the 5GC location services’, included in Release 17, aims to provide support for very low latency and very high accuracy positioning According to the 3GPP, the work item dubbed ‘Enhancement to the 5GC location services’, included in Release 17, aims to provide support...

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