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Aryaka CEO to fellow tech execs: ‘You have an obligation to fight racial injustice’

Aryaka CEO: 'What’s really going on inside your communities?' Following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, protesters took the streets, demanding answers and justice. In response, an unprecedented number of companies, from across a variety of industries, released statements of...

As Moore’s Law ends, hardware acceleration takes center stage – Part 1 (Reality Check)

  When Gordon Moore put forth his prediction about the number of transistors per square inch doubling every 18 months, he had no idea how long this state would endure nor what technologies would bring about its demise. All good things must come to an...

Kagan: love story gone bad

Like you, I have done business with forever. And generally speaking, I have been very satisfied with their business model. However, that does not mean things have been perfect. I do believe Amazon wants to make every customer happy. However, I am learning of a...

Kagan: Few companies do industry analyst relations well

One of the most important secrets of success for every company is doing analyst relations and media relations right. These are so important for creating a positive image in the marketplace for customers, investors, workers and partners. As an industry analyst and columnist for...

Worst of the Week: AT&T shows its true age

As I have mentioned before, there is nothing better than when large, faceless corporations act like small children, and thankfully AT&T this week provided me with some of that goodness.

Worst of the Week: Thanks for nothing

So, there we have it. Apple’s annual nose-thumbing to all of those that can’t get enough Apple is in the bag and yet again no one comes away happy. (Or at least no one that has access to and the time to post their opinion on the Internet.)

Reality Check: M2M to transform enterprise mobility strategies

Machine-to-machine communications are set to play a key role in enterprise mobility strategies. Some sectors such as utilities, oil and gas, and transport and logistics already use M2M widely as a cost-effective means to

Reader Forum: Enabling the new global mobile ecosystem

In the face of unprecedented worldwide growth in the use of mobile devices, mobile network operators are severely challenged to deliver the applications and performance users are demanding.

Reader Forum: Banks now lead the charge in developing markets

The M-PESA mobile money transfer and payments service took the world by surprise in 2007 when it debuted a successful business based on serving a previously underserved population: the rural poor.

Reader Forum: Gaining operational advantages in the intensifying wireless market

Today’s intense wireless market is no place for the uncertain. Many providers know they aren’t ideally equipped for the current market, even if they’ve had long-term success.

Reality Check: Three parties, three different messages

This week’s three different announcements – Nokia, Motorola/ Google and Amazon – serve as a precursor to the presumed launch of the iPhone5 on Wednesday.

Reader Forum: Don’t ignore thermal management when selecting outdoor enclosures

This column outlines the factors to be considered when considering outdoor enclosures (or cabinets) to house wireless electronic equipment. This will review typical environmental conditions

Reader Forum: Changes, challenges and solutions for next-gen networks

Advanced mobile services such as LTE are forcing mobile operators to re-evaluate macro-focused network architecture. Even 3G service coverage maps are believed to be optimistic in many cases,

Analyst Angle: Puerto Rico mobile market update

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly feature, Analyst Angle. We’ve collected a group of the industry’s leading analysts to give their outlook on the hot topics in the wireless industry. Puerto Rico’s telecommunications market exhibits the dichotomy characteristic of most liberalized markets: hyper-competition on the mobile service...

Reality Check: Who had their vacation cancelled this summer (and why)?

Before we dig into four examples of those who had to work straight through the summer, let’s update a few of the trends we have been developing over the past few months.

Worst of the Week: Byte me!

This week, AT&T Mobility joined fellow wireless behemoth Verizon Wireless in announcing plans to offer customers the “choice” to pool data resources into one plan that is shared across multiple devices.

Reality Check: Multi-device support – How to manage the complexities

One of the great promises of mobile technology is the consumers’ ability to connect to the Internet or mobile Web via any number of different types of mobile devices (e.g., feature phones, smartphones, tablets,

Worst of the Week: A simple evolution

I will admit that I get little charge from mobile devices. At this point in the evolutionary timeline of devices targeting the wireless communication space, it seems that I am stuck in the time of Cro-Magnon Phone.

Worst of the Week: A look at the filthy side of the business

Hello! And welcome to our Friday column, Worst of the Week. There’s a lot of nutty stuff that goes on in this industry, so this column is a chance for us at to rant and rave about whatever rubs us the wrong way....

Worst of the Week: Trying too hard?

In case you hadn’t heard, Verizon Wireless is crazy for spectrum. Crazy!

Worst of the Week: Swing and a miss

The tablet world was rocked this week when Microsoft announced its latest foray into the space with its highly anticipated Surface device sporting the latest Windows operating system.

Worst of the Week: The future is here … and it’s a data world

Verizon Wireless made an interesting decision this week, announcing plans to begin hating kittens, freedom and Justin Beiber beginning June 28.

Worst of the Week: Focused on the task at hand

Very few of us – and by us I mean humans – are advanced enough to handle more than one chore at any one time. Sure, some of us (you) are more advanced in that we (not me) can actually walk and chew gum

Worst of the Week: All in

News this week that Leap Wireless would begin offering Apple’s iPhone devices was a significant escalation in the competitive landscapes across the already red-hot smartphone and prepaid markets.

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