Freitag: Are fashion and wearables finally coming together?

With all the talk this week of the Apple Watch and recent announcements around MWC, it seems smartwatches are finally becoming more fashion-conscious. Something I strongly believe needs to happen to widen the appeal and longevity of people who want to wear these devices. First,...

EMEA: NXP secures the connected car at #MWC15

BARCELONA, Spain – NXP showcased its vision for the connected car of the future this week at Mobile World Congress. The topics highlighted not only addressed typical car connectivity functions, but also autonomous driving and integration via vehicle-to-x. Starting with the outside of the concept car, a...

EMEA: Kyocera eyes the future in Europe

Kyocera Torque durability demonstrated at MWC 2015 BARCELONA, Spain – Kyocera may not be a company associated with handsets in Europe, but it's looking to change that perception. With the recent announcement of Kyocera’s entry into this market with the Torque, a ruggedized LTE smartphone certified...

#MWC15: Panasonic Nubo is watching

BARCELONA, Spain – One of my favorite discussions from the first day of Mobile World Congress was with Panasonic regarding its launch of Nubo – which it claimed is the first monitoring camera supporting 4G. Nubo doesn’t require Wi-Fi or broadband. It’s small, lightweight, portable and has...

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