Kagan: Facebook Meta may finally be on the right track

Facebook has been struggling with their new metaverse identity. Last year, they announced the changing of their name to Meta. This was the first introduction to the general public about the new world they are stepping into. Excited Facebook executives apparently thought the world...

Kagan: Changes to expect in next chapter of Facebook story

What’s next for Facebook, now Meta, when Sheryl Sandberg exits? It has grown over the years from a start-up, college project under Mark Zuckerberg, to one of the world’s largest, most powerful, successful and influential communications platforms which took both leaders to achieve. Now...

‘We must lock arms:’ Meta exec calls for collaboration on metaverse

No one person is going to build the metaverse, the Meta exec said at last week's Connect EXPO At the recent Connect EXPO in Denver, Meta Director of Engineering Dan Rampton emphasized the need for collaboration in making the metaverse a reality, explaining that the...

How is 5G shaping the metaverse?

To get the metaverse to work for everyone, 5G needs to change. The metaverse can help make 5G work for everyone, too.

‘5G was born in the cloud,’ says STL exec at MWC Barcelona

STL’s Access Solutions CEO discusses the ‘fundamental change’ taking place in telecom and what this change means for the company and the industry as a whole At Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Chris Rice, the Access Solutions CEO at STL, spoke with RCR Wireless News about...

Verizon hones its edge for the metaverse

Verizon said that it's working with Meta to make its mobile edge computing (MEC) infrastructure support metaverse applications.

Meta unveils AI supercomputer

Meta says its Nvidia-powered AI Research SuperCluster (RSC) will improve online safety and ultimately accelerate metaverse development.

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