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Where Hadoop fits into software-defined networks and virtualization

When paired with SDN, Hadoop can help telcos better use network resources.

Why mobile operators and software companies are using Hadoop

Hadoop can help mobile operators and software companies enhance their customer engagement efforts.

Hadoop 101: What is Hadoop?

Telcos must understand how Hadoop works and how they can implement it.

MWC 2014: Cisco touts test results of virtualization platform; Amdocs looks to manage big data

--Cisco looked to put a cap on the rush towards virtualization at this week’s Mobile World Congress event with the launch of its Quantum Virtualized Packet Core software solution from its Evolved Services Platform that it said “virtualizes key capabilities” of its Aggregation Service...

Reader Forum: An alternative approach to real-time big data analytics (Pt. 1)

In its simplest form, big data analytics can be broken down into two parts that differentiate it from business intelligence or data warehousing and mining:

Telecom Software Weekly Wrap-Up: Allot’s new analytics tool; Google acquires FlexyCore; BlackBerry Messenger 5 million strong

Acquisition, analytics and mobile payments. These are just a few of the recurring topics in the world of telecom software this week. Welcome to our weekly telecom software wrap-up, where we gather together all of the biggest news stories on the topic in one...

Telecom Analytics: RCR TV on telco CIO challenges; VPISystems launches mobile policies

VPISystems launched a policy analytics offering dubbed OnePlan Policy Analytics, which promises to enable mobile operators to create policies that reflect their subscribers' behavior, preferences and network conditions. It also touches the modeling and analyzing network requirements for new business opportunities and promotions by...

Telecom Analytics: Ovum – big data analytics projects require flexible business structure

Why haven't telecom operators used big data analytics tools yet? According to Ovum, one of the major reasons is a traditional stumbling block: telco organizational and data structures. According to the firm, a well-executed big data analytics project requires a flexible business structure and...

CTIA Special Conference examines big data analytics for communication carriers

The rapidly growing field of data analysis tools and platforms designed for telecom and mobile carriers was the focus of the Telecom Analytics Conerence, a partner event held at CTIA Wireless 2013 Convention and Expo. The event, presented by RCR Wireless News in collaboration with Interwork Media,  featured...

Telecom Analytics: Big data market in telecom sector expected to grow

What's the real adoption rate of telecom analytics and big data solutions in the telecom sector? Observers interviewed for an upcoming feature report believe that both technologies will remain hot topics over the next 18 months, since most carriers are still in the evaluation...

Telecom Analytics: Increased interest in big data solutions for carriers; more MWC highlights

Big data and analytics have been hailed as the next technology trends for telecom operators. As carriers feel the pressure to mine the huge amount of data they already have in both their customer base and their networks, they are seeking tools to help analyze...

Mobile ranked second on CIOs’ priority lists

Mobile technologies ranked second among CIOs' top 10 technology priorities for 2013. The first priority was analytics and business intelligence solutions, according to the latest Gartner executive program survey. The survey shows that CIOs' agendas are dominated by digital technologies, and CIOs see these technologies...

2013 Predictions: The impact of big data for carriers in 2013

Big data has been among the hottest topics throughout 2012 across virtually all industries and communications is no exception. Business leaders and IT management are inundated with proclamations,

Gluecon 2012: How does one summarize a Twitter firehose like the first day of Gluecon?

BROOMFIELD, Colo. – A crowd of more than 450 packed the ballroom at the Omni Resort in Broomfield, Colo., Wednesday morning for the third annual Glue Conference. Organizer Eric Norlin delivered the welcome and noted a surprising number in the room were first-time attendees....

IBM eyes ‘big data’ with Vivisimo acquisition

IBM (NYSE: IBM) yesterday announced it will acquire Vivisimo, a Pittsburgh-based firm that helps large organizations access and analyze enterprise data.  IBM also announced that its big data platform will now run on Cloudera’s distribution of Hadoop. The announcements reinforce IBM's growth strategy of seeking  business analytics and optimization opportunities. IBM is under an aggressive acquisition plan...

Reader Forum: Mobile leads the way in big data growth, but where will all the data go and how can it be tapped?

The communications industry is faced with transaction volumes in the billions of records per day. It is expected to grow rapidly over the coming years in large part due to increased adoption of smart devices, but also the fact that any one consumer now holds a number of different devices, each generating many gigabytes of data every day.

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