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Zello app helped connect rescuers during hurricane

Zello walkie-talkie app provided connection for Hurricane Harvey volunteer rescue efforts For the civilian volunteers who braved the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey, the walkie-talkie application Zello provided a lifeline and a means to organize their impromptu efforts. Zello -- the name of both the...

Telecom Tweets of the Week: Waterlogged by Harvey

It was a rough week for southeast Texas, as Hurricane Harvey slammed into the coast and dropped an unprecedented amount of water -- more than 50 inches, in some places. The pictures and video posted to social media by residents and journalists attempted to...

Carriers waive customer fees, deal with flooding from Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey leads to massive flooding, power outages; carriers offer free service in impacted areas As Houston continues to be deluged with rain, the four national wireless carriers are waiving customer fees for voice, data and/or text in the most heavily impacted areas, as they...

How industrial IoT is transforming public safety

How the internet of things is improving public safety A blend of industrial "internet of things; sensors and consumer devices are being used to enhance public safety and give critical visibility to law enforcement. Here are some public safety use cases for internet of things innovations. The cloud offers predictive...

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