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How to develop a 5G ecosystem in the telco cloud era

Developing a 5G ecosystem requires CSPs to rethink their relationships with stakeholders and look for new opportunities, said this panel.

Expectation vs. reality — where are CSPs in their development of partnership ecosystems? (Reality Check)

  In 2018, with the commoditization of voice and data services firmly in the cards, the digital market appears to be the market of choice for communication service providers (CSPs) hoping to boost stagnating revenues. The problem is, in the digital market, the competition no...

5G ecosystems: Why application programming is important

The API (application programming interface) is where we need to concentrate to get customers hooked on 5G. Cisco’s CTO of Mobility Business thinks the API (application programming interface) may be more important for the success of 5G than anything else. “If 5G is going to be...

What is an IoT AEP, or application enablement platform?

There is a general agreement that the "internet of things" will produce tens of billions of connected devices in the next few years. How we will get there isn't so straightforward, but enterprises are continuing to look for ways to streamline development for IoT...

Creating a global ecosystem for the internet of everything

DALLAS–Craig Bachmann, senior director of open digital/IoE at TM Forum, opened up the internet of everything track of TM Forum Innovation InFocus this week with a talk titled “Forum InFocus: Enabling an open digital ecosystem.” TM Forum is finding that enterprises are questioning what their...

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