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Solve cellular coverage challenges to get an A+ in the education sector

  The U.S. education market is estimated to have a capital spend of over $100 billion, according to EdWeek. As with any market with a CAPEX that size, the education sector is very competitive and crowded with vendors, large and small, offering their own fragmented...

AT&T expands low-band 5G to 90 more markets

AT&T low-band 5G coverage now includes 120 million people in 190 markets nationwide Just hours after reporting significant TV subscriber loses in Q1 2020, AT&T made headlines again, but this time with some positive news. The carrier has expanded its low-band 5G coverage to include...

Nextivity Buyer’s Guide: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Solving Cellular Coverage Issues, Even During a Crisis

During this time of crisis, cell phone use on major networks is up by 33%. Reliable cell phone coverage is not an option for a population that is working-from-home and safer-at-home, for emergency response, or in hospitals, grocery stores, and other facilities providing essential...

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