Are Sprint 5G technology plans ahead of the curve? – Carrier Wrap Episode 34


    On this week’s Carrier Wrap, we speak with Sprint to discuss the carrier’s recent 5G technology testing and deployment plans

    All four domestic nationwide wireless operators have announced some form of “5G” technology testing scheme, with the intent of eventually rolling out next-generation services.
    Verizon Wireless and AT&T Mobility are seen as being the most vocal and perhaps furthest along with these plans, though their two smaller rivals – T-Mobile US and Sprint – have also touted their own progress.
    Sprint recently partnered with the Copa América Centenario tournament held in various cities across the country to highlight its work in terms of 5G technology. Those trials included work in Santa Clara, California, and Philadelphia.
    For its trial in Santa Clara, Sprint demonstrated 5G technology using the 73 GHz spectrum band to deliver claimed download speeds in excess of 2 gigabits per second and “low millisecond latency.” The carrier said the tests supported live-streaming video in 4K high-definition quality and a streaming virtual reality system from VideoStitch. Nokia noted it was part of the Sprint 5G demonstration.
    In Philadelphia, Sprint used the 15 GHz spectrum band in support of download speeds up to 4 Gbps, and run in partnership with Ericsson. As part of the demonstration, Sprint said it used beam switching, which it described as a method of tracking a device, selecting the best antennas and sending the wireless signal to targeted locations.
    The carrier noted the technology and its beamforming counterpart, which it uses in its current LTE Plus network deployment, are more efficient methods of sending signals to devices.
    On this week’s Carrier Wrap, we speak with Günther Ottendorfer, COO of Technology at Sprint, to discuss the carrier’s recent 5G technology testing and deployment plans.
    Ottendorfer joined Sprint last August, where he was tapped to lead a newly created technology office overseeing all network planning and deployment functions, and information technology for the carrier. Ottendorfer previously served as CTO and a board member for Telekom Austria Group and managing director of Australia’s Optus Singtel.
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