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T-Mo continues to lead in network performance, Ookla finds

T-Mobile US continues to hold a dominant position in network performance over AT&T and Verizon on nearly every metric, according to Ookla’s latest analysis of mobile networks.

For the second quarter of 2022, T-Mo landed the best numbers in download speed, upload speed, latency, performance consistency, overall video performance, 5G availability and 5G performance. Some categories were close—latency, for instance, saw only a few milliseconds difference between T-Mo at 31 ms, Verizon at 32 ms and AT&T at 34 ms; 5G-only video performance was so close between T-Mobile US and Verizon that Ookla declared no statistical winner, and the two carriers tied on 5G consistency of performance.

“It’s clear we offer something customers can’t get anywhere else, and now over half of our network traffic is on 5G devices,” said Neville Ray, president of technology at T-Mobile US, in a statement on the Ookla results. He added that the carrier is “advancing the reach and capabilities of 5G every day.”

AT&T trailed third in most of Ookla’s categories. On the state level, however, AT&T was the fastest provider in two states (South Dakota and Vermont), while T-Mobile US led in 45 states and Verizon didn’t land a clear first place in any individual states; three (Delaware, Montana and West Virginia) were too close to call, Ookla said. GCI had the fastest performance in its home state of Alaska.

The testing and analysis company assessed the three carriers’ network performance using data from devices with “modern chipsets” that support the latest features.

Other key takeaways from Ookla’s second-quarter numbers:

-When it comes to regional/state-level speeds, the District of Columbia had fastest median mobile download speed in the country, coming in at 82.27 Mbps. Minnesota was second and the state of New York was third. Mississippi had the slowest median download speed, at just 28.15 Mbps.

-The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the fastest device in the U.S. market, registering a median download speed of 105.26 Mbps. It was followed by the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, clocking a median download speed of 95.44 Mbps.

-Looking at combined performance across various device models, Ookla found that Samsung devices generally had the best performance in the U.S. market: A median download speed of 62.75 Mbps and upload speed of 8.94 Mbps, with latency of 32 seconds. Apple devices came in slightly slower overall, with a median download speed of 58.14 Mbps, uploads at 7.77 Mbps and latency of 34 ms.

-The fastest chipset was Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, followed by its Snapdragon X60 5G chipset, with Google’s Tensor coming in third.

Read more from Ookla here.


Kelly Hill
Kelly Hill
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