YOU ARE AT:5GWell, technically... smart city data is exciting, but it's also risky: Ubicquia's...

Well, technically… smart city data is exciting, but it’s also risky: Ubicquia’s Heather Ritchie (Ep. 76)

On this episode, Heather Ritchie, the chief marketing officer at Ubicquia, uses specific smart city projects around the world as examples of the benefits, and the considerations, such initiatives can bring. She also discusses how recent developments, like COVID-19 and 5G, have finally gotten many smart city efforts out of “project purgatory.”


Catherine Sbeglia Nin
Catherine Sbeglia Nin
Catherine is the Managing Editor for RCR Wireless News and Enterprise IoT Insights, where she covers topics such as Wi-Fi, network infrastructure and edge computing. She also hosts Arden Media's podcast Well, technically... After studying English and Film & Media Studies at The University of Rochester, she moved to Madison, WI. Having already lived on both coasts, she thought she’d give the middle a try. So far, she likes it very much.

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