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VMware focuses on data sovereignty, digital transformation

Expands Wipro and Atos partnerships 

VMware announced a pair of partnership expansions with system integrators Wipro Ltd and Atos. The company said Wednesday in separate statements that its collaboration with Wipro will accelerate enterprise app modernization and multi-cloud deployments, while the expanded Atos partnership will yield “Data Spaces,” digital platforms which comply with jurisdictional data governance requirements.

For Wipro, VMware said it has aligned its own Cross-Cloud Services, which the company launched in 2021, with Wipro’s FullStride Cloud Services — the focus of Wipro’s own 2021 $1 billion enterprise cloud transformation business. Wipro will offer services across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific aimed at helping enterprises accelerate the shift to cloud-native platform operations and scale them, VMware said. 

VMware’s efforts with Wipro center around the latter’s cloud-native acceleration platform, which provides developers with workspaces and templates to speed app development, ready to deploy zero-touch operations, and app lifecycle management.

“Wipro FullStride Cloud Services’ cloud native acceleration platform (CNAP) is a fully orchestrated cloud-agnostic platform built on the comprehensive Tanzu portfolio, including Tanzu Application Platform, Tanzu Build Service, Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, and Tanzu Service Mesh,” said VMware.

The company also announced that Wipro’s Global Cloud Studios will add VMware Cloud support. VMware claims this will help Wipro and VMware’s customers accelerate cloud app time to value, optimize service delivery, improve performance and lower costs.

“Global Cloud Studios provides future-ready cloud lifecycle services, incorporating workload-centric cloud assessment and R-Lane decisions, landing zone design, automated migration planning and execution using VMware HCX, and Machine Learning-driven managed services,” said VMware.

Conforming data for EU’s cloud federation project

VMware’s collaboration with Atos will yield Data Spaces. VMware describes Data Spaces as “platforms that allow for greater exchange, collaboration, and monetization of data between organizations or industries, independently of the underlying infrastructure, whilst enabling data sovereignty and interoperability.”

VMware and Atos said Data Spaces can be used by enterprises to share data more strategically, with data security that complies with increasingly complicated regional governance requirements. Data Spaces have been developed to align with the European Union’s Gaia-X project, the European cloud federation initiative. 

“The expanded collaboration will deliver capabilities aligned to the Gaia-X architecture and serve as a key enabler and booster of the Gaia-X initiative, which seeks to accelerate the exchange of data through new digital platforms that comply with common rules,” they said.

The companies said they envision Data Spaces to be popular in healthcare and life sciences, financial services, and utility markets.

Laurent Allard, VMware’s head of sovereign cloud EMEA, said that VMware and Atos’ new collaboration will provide customers with new data monetization opportunities.

“Aligned to the principles of Gaia-X, the suite of capabilities will be designed to deliver the interoperability, reversibility and security required for European businesses and industries to create value from data and drive their digital ambitions faster,” said Allard.


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