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Michael Dell sees edge opportunity in the ‘do anything from anywhere world’

Dell Tech World focused on tech-enablement of “do anything from anywhere world”

Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell kicked off the second virtual installment of the company’s Dell Tech World on Wednesday with a reflection on lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic with an emphasis on the fundamental role technology plays in enabling a “do anything from anywhere world.”

Dell went so far as to say that technologists were responsible for preventing a complete, societal economic breakdown as the pandemic unfolded globally. He said the pivot to remote working, learning, and commerce was the result of decades of work and a “burst of innovation that has been incredible in its scope and speed. Technology is no longer the IT department. It’s the entire organization. It’s how you enable everything.”

Considering the current trajectory of enterprise investments in digital transformation strategies, Dell said the pace is “accelerating and it’s not going to slow down.” He said right now around 10% of data is processed outside of data centers and that by 2025, 75% of data would be processed outside of traditional data centers. “In this do anything from anywhere world, it’s a future that will unfold at the edge.” He forecasted a 10-year, $700 billion capital investment on edge infrastructure.

Company COO Jeff Clarke said that technology trends around automation, widespread connectivity, artificial intelligence, and edge computing are converging in a way that highlights how technology infrastructure is the “infrastructure of the 21st century…When we can move data seamlessly at scale and at speed, we unleash its power. And that is the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the next turn of the crank in human progress.”

Specific to Dell’s Telecom System Business Unit work in helping service providers combine 5G and edge computing, the company worked with SK Telecom and VMware on an mobile edge computing solution in a box described as providing “enterprises with an integrated, private 5G and edge computing platform.”

For more on Dell Technologies’ work with operators around 5G and edge, listen to this episode of the podcast Will 5G Change the World? featuring Sandro Tavares, director of telecom systems marketing.


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