YOU ARE AT:5GThe 5G World Post-COVID: Reflections of a Futurist

The 5G World Post-COVID: Reflections of a Futurist

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The 4th Industrial Revolution merges physical and biological systems. It’s the next step in how society will interact with each other. And for it to work, we need to move data faster and more efficiently.
Which is why 5G has a big role in how it plays out.
And it’s become even more important as we shift to remote work in response to COVID-19.
Our guest this week, Adam Zuckerman, is an expert in the 4th Industrial Revolution. In this episode, he discusses surprising outcomes—both good and bad—that show up as we all work towards the creation of a new normal, including:
  • Densification, and what that may mean for commercial real estate
  • Self-driving vehicles and organ donation
  • Shifting from an in-office, business-as-usual mentality to a production and metric mindset
  • What building relationships through technology looks like, and how privacy is protected
  • AI and 5G as tools for widening our experiences and reducing our biases

You won’t want to miss Adam’s insights into this exciting new space! Listen now and subscribe for future episodes.


Ben Stone
Ben Stone
Ben Stone is the Client Services Manager for RCR Wireless. He has worked in sales and client support in Austin for well over a year. During that time, he has spent most of that in software and technology companies. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Montana, where he grew up. Ben brings with him a passion for marketing, technology and a highly client-centric mindset.

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