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Kagan: Qualcomm preparing for life after COVID-19

Qualcomm is one of the United States most outstanding companies. It is also one of the wireless industries most important leaders. And just like every other country, they too have been hit by the stay-at-home mandate. CEO Steve Mollenkopf shared his thoughts with the media on how Qualcomm is preparing for life after coronavirus.

Mollenkopf says transitioning their workforce to work-at-home during COVID-19 was not that difficult. In fact, it was easier than he imagined.

I’ve been following Qualcomm for years. I would say one reason for this success is simple. This is the way they have done business for quite a long time.

They use a variety of technologies to have meetings and communicate with other industry insiders, team members and co-workers wherever they are in the world. They do this from their desk, from home, when they travel and more.

Qualcomm technology let’s their workforce continue during work-at-home

They are always connected. This technology let’s Qualcomm continue to do business and work, even when the workforce is at home during this time. And so much of this technology is actually Qualcomm technology.

Mollenkopf remains very excited about the future of both Qualcomm, 5G and the entire wireless industry. He also understands we all have to get past this global health episode.

I think he is right. The wireless industry and its transformation to 5G will only continue and accelerate going forward, after this crisis passes.

They are an important player in the important wireless world and have been for decades. They have grown to become one of the top major competitors in the space. They have seen incredible growth in the industry over time and continue to see the same growth opportunities going forward.

Qualcomm continues to add to workforce during COVID-19 event

During this health crisis, Qualcomm is continuing to add to their workforce. Many other companies are cutting their head count, but Qualcomm continues to grow.

The reason is, as an industry, we are fully engaged in the early stages of the next revolution called 5G in the wireless world. And Qualcomm is the industry leader in that space.

Every wireless network worldwide is on an upgrade cycle and that cannot be stopped. Competition keeps every network in high gear.

So, they need to continue to work and advance this next generation because their customers, wireless networks all across the USA and the world are all transitioning to 5G as quickly as they can.

CEO Steve Mollenkopf says there is no delay in 5G buildout

Mollenkopf says they are seeing an acceleration in the move to 5G from their customers who are networks like AT&T and Verizon. He says on the infrastructure side, getting 5G into the marketplace is definitely still being requested, more than ever.

5G, wireless, TeleMedicine, Healthcare technology, work from home tech and more have been approved by the US Government and are now actively being implemented.

That means you can visit your doctor from home with TeleHealth applications. You can learn from home with education technology, you can drive in autonomous vehicles and so much more.

Qualcomm on self-driving cars, telehealth and more

I was recently briefed by Qualcomm on this self-driving, automotive sector and it is very impressive.

Example: they are part of the 5G Automotive Association, which is a global group of high technology companies like Qualcomm and a growing number of automakers. They work closely together to bring this revolutionary technology to market.

Self-driving cars are only a few short years away and Qualcomm is a leader in this space. This research and work continue during this crisis. This will become a big industry sector moving forward.

Video and voice conferencing technology let’s Qualcomm move forward

Conferencing technology for voice and video make it possible to continue having meetings between industry leaders and workers anywhere in the world. This is technology they have already been using for many years and that is just continuing during this Covid-19 health crisis.

So, you can see Qualcomm has been a leader in this field for decades and they are not slowing down during this unusual global health crisis. They continue to work and communicate and deliver to their many different customers, whether they be wireless networks, TeleHealth, self-driving cars and more.

Mollenkopf has set Qualcomm on a rapid growth path and is managing very well during this unusual global health crisis. They are continuing to do business as always, and advance both their company and the entire wireless industry towards 5G.


Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
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