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By the numbers: Industry 4.0, 5G, and Wi-Fi 6

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Our guest this week is Will Townsend, Senior Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. He travels the world spending time with enterprise infrastructure providers and operators. So, he understands the technology and the services that get layered over it.

And he’s got solid ideas about what is coming next.

Many of the most disruptive transformations will happen in industries that are still “old school.” Like how ride sharing disrupted the for-hire car industry. And many of the disruptions we can’t even imagine yet.

But we can see signs of what is coming with the newest generation of technology:

Industry 4.0- Cloud and edge computing are already improving manufacturing through wireless connectivity.

5G- Fast throughput and lower latency allow efficiencies like extended Subject Matter Experts. These efficiencies will be cost disrupters that can help employers scale their workforce.

Wi-Fi 6-This next iteration of indoor wireless supports multiple devices and the IoT to create better user experiences.

Will also shares what’s going on with private networks, as well as the job opportunities that will come up even as old jobs disappear.

Listen now to catch up on the latest “by the numbers.” And to hear how these technologies can help us cope with disruptions like COVID-19. And be sure to sign up for future episodes!

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