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Kagan: Qualcomm transforms automotive industry with 5G

Qualcomm briefed me on how their 5G technology is working with the automotive industry and transforming the driving experience. This briefing was very exciting because it showed what tomorrow will look like and the central role these companies and technologies are playing in that new world. Let me share with you, some of what was discussed at this briefing.

First, this is an area Qualcomm and the automobile industry have been working on for years. Some cities and nations will be first and others will follow. They say we will enter this new world in the next several years.

It all depends on the country, the locations within countries, the various governments and the different automobile manufactures here in the United States and in fact, worldwide.

In fact, I think this uses a variety of new technologies like 5G wireless, AI, IoT, the cloud and more.

There are lots of different names for this new technology like autonomous driving or self-driving cars, but the fact is, the driving experience is about to get a makeover and the larger industry will go through a major reinvention. This also involves entertainment, navigation and much more. More than we can even imagine today.

Government delays will not play a role

Many think the governments will play a large role with sensors and technology installed in roadways everywhere. And that will eventually happen, but that is a different part of this story.

That is not what this briefing was about. This was about how quickly advanced technology is developing and will be rolled out into the marketplace starting in the next few years without government.

This briefing was about how Qualcomm and the automotive companies are already talking, sharing information and ideas, working together and developing this next-level technology.

This is all incredibly interesting, exciting and is where investors and workers should pay attention to going forward.

Automotive needs 5G wireless technology for fast and instant communications

They said cars will be using 5G for instant communications with each other using. I see this using both cellular networks and satellites. Previous generations like 4G or 3G were just not fast enough and not immediate enough. 5G is the first technology that is.

The evolution to 5G finally makes this possible.

The evolution to 5G NR supports key transportation use cases. That means enhanced network communication, new direct communication, the massive Internet of Things, advanced vehicle safety, connected autonomy, 5G C-V2X, enhanced C-V2X multicast with distance-based feedback and more.

Car makers like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda and more

There is a 5G Automotive Association where Qualcomm and automakers are members and work together to bring this C-V2X future to reality. Automakers like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, Nissan, VW, Volvo and more.

It also means wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, China Mobile, Vodafone and more.  Plus, other companies like Bosch, LG and others.

I expect this group will continue to grow as more companies who want to be players in this new 5G automotive economy come enter.

Wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, China Mobile, Vodafone and more

The challenge is to share a small amount of pertinent data from car to car with all the traffic around you. The technology will help drivers avoid accidents by controlling the flow of traffic. It will also help traffic flow better since it is all controlled at a higher level.

I see this being both a short-term and long-term process. In the beginning, only certain new cars will have this technology to start with. They will be sharing the road with countless older vehicles which have always been with us. So, it will take time, and everything will have to work together in the meantime.

An important thing to remember is, this will start within the next few years. Then, this process of blending 5G wireless and the automobile makers and in fact the automobile industry, will be a work in progress for years to come.

Always getting better, safer, stronger and faster.

5G autonomous automotive will begin in next few years

Yesterday, this was just a dream. Today, real engineers with all these companies are working together to bring this to reality, sooner rather than later.

This will usher in a wireless 5G automotive revolution. When it launches, expect an incredible amount of marketing and messaging from all the players who want to be seen as first to this new table. Things will get very loud, noisy and confusing. It always does. So, investors, workers and users need to stay up-to-speed. Stay tuned.


Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
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