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Kagan: 5G wireless is center of CES 2020 universe

So much of the hot, new and innovative technology we will see at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show centers around one core technology, wireless. CES 2020 will show how the mobile industry is the backbone of a growing number of different industries, companies and technologies and that will continue to change our world for years to come.

I have been invited to visit with many top executives at companies in wireless, digital healthcare, automotive, retail, and assorted technology at this year’s show. They all want to bring me up-to-speed and get a briefing on what they are up to this year and what we can expect to see next. This is important for users, investors and workers.

Wireless, digital healthcare, automotive will be hot at CES 2020

The reason these executives want to talk is simple. CES 2020 is a very noisy place and every company needs to punch their way onto the radar. To do so, executives need to brief as many key influencers, analysts, media, customers and investors as they can. That means if you have a megaphone to talk to the marketplace, they want to talk with you.

This year there will be a record number of companies, technologies and industries all trying to break through the noise and get some attention. Things seem to get more exciting every year.

The problem is, most companies will get lost in the shuffle. That’s the way things work at CES. Only a few will get good exposure. They must have something really interesting to introduce or talk about. That’s why every executive from every companies wants to be one of the few that gets high-level exposure and attention.

CES 2020 will be a battle for coverage, exposure, attention

Based on what I see, I would say the majority of these companies and new technologies use wireless and communications as their nervous system for growth.

In fact, I think wireless is the nervous system to quite a few companies and changing industries. To someone like me who follows the wireless industry, that is the really exciting part of this year’s CES 2020. It has been this way for the last several years and the pace is only accelerating with 5G.

5G wireless is a large and growing part of the excitement. It will empower so much change over the next several years in so many different companies, technologies and industries.

Wireless analyst, influencer excited to see 5G at CES 2020

In fact, 5G wireless will redefine industry after industry with new ideas, new thinking and new technologies. Some existing leaders will fade away as newcomers take their place. It has happened before and it will happen again.

Example: consider how a decade ago the smartphone world completely changed. New ideas like Apple iPhone and Google Android quickly took the lead sending past leaders like Blackberry, Nokia and Motorola to the back of the pack.

In fact, a decade later many of these companies are still struggling today trying to build a comeback story. After all this time, the Motorola Razr is going to try to make a comeback. What about Nokia and Blackberry?

New technologies, innovation and ideas will lead at CES 2020

Also, consider the tablet industry or the headphone industry. Past leaders gave way as new and exciting ideas took over. Yesterday we didn’t even think about wireless headphones. Today, the industry is rapidly moving in that direction.

Going forward, I expect the same with other products, services and industries as well.

Consider pay TV or cable TV. Yesterday, we needed to be connected to the Internet or cable to get service. Going forward, providers will offer service over a 5G wireless connection.

This innovation will threaten the existing industry and some existing leaders. I expect some leaders will use wireless in combination along with wire line and continue to lead. I also expect other leaders to fail, as newcomers jump in. Plus, there will be so many new, rapidly growing competitors going forward.

And it’s not just cable TV. The same threat, challenge and opportunity faces industry after industry, company after company. That’s very exciting. That’s great news for workers, investors and users.

5G wireless growth-wave means industries will change

There is a challenge and an opportunity going forward because of 5G wireless. This is a challenge for the marketing departments of every company in every industry out there.

First, the early adopters will jump in. Over time, most competitors will follow. Those who do, stand a chance to carve out a future for themselves. Those who don’t will struggle.

5G has been growing during the last year but will turn up the heat in 2020. Expect to see massive and rapid growth in the wireless industry going forward. Also expect to see massive growth and change in other industries as well because of 5G.

The next decade will be very exciting. And so many of these new technologies at CES going forward will be connected to and use 5G going forward.

Digital healthcare, automotive, retail show exciting new 5G ideas at CES 2020

I expect to see a flood of new ideas in industries like digital healthcare, automotive, retail and a growing number of industries.

5G will be transformative not only for the wireless industry as every other jump to the next G has been.

5G will also be transformative for a growing number of industries going forward. It will empower new thinking and new ideas and innovation going forward.

Ultimately, 5G, wireless, AI, IoT, the cloud and more will transform every company, every industry and everything we know. We are entering a brand-new world and that is very exciting.

I look forward to seeing all these new ideas and thinking at this year’s CES 2020, following them going forward, and writing about them and telling you about them. Enjoy the show!


Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
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