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Keysight webcast: Master IoT & 5G with Keysight’s Engineering Education Webinars

Whether designing an IoT or 5G device, one thing is certain: there are difficult challenges ahead. IoT device designers need to optimize battery life for real-world operation. 5G device designers must deliver higher throughput and lower latency connections, while supporting multi-element antennas at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. 
How well you navigate these challenges will determine your device’s success or failure. Chart your path to success today by learning to master the challenges you’ll face in the IoT and 5G at these free webinars: Battery Life IS Device Life and Accelerating Design Validation for 5G New Radio.
In Battery Life IS Device Life on November 14, you’ll learn how to turn your device’s battery life into a competitive advantage by gaining greater insight into what’s consuming your battery. You’ll also learn how to minimize current draw in all aspects of your device’s operation and understand how any firmware changes you make impact battery life.
In Accelerating Design Validation for 5G New Radio on December 6, you’ll discover the key design and test challenges created by the 5G NR Release-15. You’ll learn how to achieve signal quality with mmWave, high bandwidth signals and how to evaluate over-the-air testing techniques. Plus, you’ll gain greater insight into the impact of scalable numerology on your 5G designs.


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