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KEYNOTE: Spectrum Strategies for 5G Success


Hosted by 5G Americas, for the first time the bi-annual Global 5G Event was held in the U.S. and co-located with 5G North America and the Big Communications Event in Austin, Texas, May 16-17, 2018. Many thanks to RCR Wireless News who was our exclusive broadcast partner.

This keynote will cover the evolution of 5G and the importance of including all spectrum bands in the conversation, as each band provides a critical contribution to the overall 5G experience. The evolution to 5G holds a promise of not only enhancing existing services and use cases, but also extending wireless to cover new services. Different use case categories will have varying requirements for spectrum. T-Mobile has its own view on spectrum strategies for the 5G era.

The keynote highlights the role spectrum will play in T-Mobile’s 5G plans based on industry standards-including: national coverage and reliability from low-band spectrum; reliable capacity and consistent mobile broadband speed with mid-band spectrum; and multi-gigabit hotspots in urban areas and on campuses with millimeter wave.

Keynote: Mr. Karri Kuoppamaki, Vice President, Radio Network Technology Development & Strategy, T-Mobile USA


This series of videos is from our coverage of the 5G New Horizons Wireless Symposium, Visit the links below to get the latest and most complete coverage of the event.

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