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Kagan: Thoughts on new AT&T Mark Wahlberg ad campaign

AT&T and AT&T Mobility launched a new ad campaign staring TV and Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg. The spots just started and they are great. They use humor and Hollywood to capture user imagination. This is typical AT&T. I remember these kind of memorable, funny and touching AT&T television commercials going back decades.

AT&T has had a long history of that kind of creativity. Remember the “You will” campaign that spanned many years and continues talking about the technology that is coming. Much of what they talked about in the early 1990s is here today.

Remember back to the “Reach out and touch someone” campaign back in the mid 1980s with actor Cliff Robertson. If we do some research we can find so many ways AT&T reached out and touched America, decade after decade. So much of what they predicted has come true.

This new ad campaign talks about unlimited with humor. Unlimited usage. Unlimited data. Unlimited television and video. Unlimited action and so much more. The commercials feel good to watch. They have that special, secret sauce that only a few can actually pull off. Long-term, I think that will be good for AT&T.

Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie and AT&T since 1885

AT&T touches the heartstrings of customers, investors, workers, in fact of America. AT&T was one of the bedrock companies in our history. They are as American as hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. AT&T was incorporated in 1885. That’s an incredibly long history in the USA. That’s 132 years. Are you getting the point I am making?

Let me put it another way. AT&T began just 20 years after President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. That’s legacy. They have grown and changed, seen strong growth periods and stressful financial times, but the company is still with us and is still a shining example of success in America. They never give up. They keep innovating and they keep growing.

The new AT&T means things like wireless TV and more

The AT&T of today is a much different company over the last decade. The headquarters is now in Dallas Texas and they are the most aggressive leader in the wireless and telecom space. They continue to lead the way with innovation and industry transforming leadership.

If you were to think about the innovators and leaders in wireless and telecom, AT&T would be at the top of the list. They are transforming wireless and now television and forcing competitors to step up to meet their challenge. AT&T acquired DirecTV and is now offering wireless TV or mobile TV. That means customers can watch television anywhere in the USA on their smartphone or tablet.

AT&T sends competitors Like Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Google scrambling

That changes everything. That is forcing Comcast to try and do the same thing with their new Xfinity Mobile service. That is causing Charter to try and do the same thing by reselling Xfinity Mobile. That is causing Verizon to think about entering the television and wireless TV space as well. And all this caused by AT&T forward momentum in transforming the wireless and telecom industry.

This new wave of innovative change all started with AT&T. They are transforming the industry and causing every player to step up their game in order to remain competitive. That’s the kind of industry leader AT&T is today.

This new ad campaign with Mark Wahlberg will continue to showcase AT&T innovation in wireless and so much more. The industry will continue to grow, innovate and change. That’s a very healthy place to be for customers, investors and workers. Plus it puts pressure on every competitor today and tomorrow.


Jeff Kagan
Jeff Kagan
Jeff is a RCR Wireless News Columnist, Industry Analyst, Key Opinion Leader and Influencer. He shares his colorful perspectives and opinions on the companies and technologies that are transforming the industry he has followed for 35 years. Jeff follows wireless, wire line telecom, Internet, Pay-TV, cable TV, AI, IoT, Digital Healthcare, Cloud, Mobile Pay, Smart cities, Smart Homes and more.

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