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Antenna Systems, Backhaul/Fronthaul, Base Stations, Air Interface: The right tools to achieve best-in-class network reliability

Poor network reliability, perceived or real, is a primary reason subscribers leave a network; something the industry calls “churn”. Key performance indicators (KPI) such as blocked or dropped calls and data sessions or low data throughput are monitored and are identified by network operators as the main reasons customers churn.

Additionally, operators are having to overcome the multiple challenges of co-siting new LTE-A 4G technology with legacy 3G and 2G infrastructure, new base station types such as remote radio heads (RRH) using the optical CPRI interface for fronthaul, advanced MIMO transmission techniques, providing reliable in-building coverage using distributed antenna systems (DAS), increasing passive intermodulation (PIM) and interference levels and sometimes periodic mandatory regulatory testing, all while keeping installation, maintenance and optimization costs under control.

Anritsu products and cloud-based services are focused on maximizing technician productivity and consequently keeping operating costs down. Giving technicians the right, simple-to-use tools to optimize network performance is more cost effective than trying to replace lost subscribers, which are becoming harder and more costly to find.

Discover Anritsu’s best-in-class tools which will help your technicians and engineers optimize all areas of your network and elevate your network reliability to best-in-class.

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