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Raising the bar for voice quality over LTE and Wi-Fi

A conversation about voice quality with Al Balasco, Senior Director of Product Management, Radisys

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In our conversation with Al Balasco, Senior Director of Product Management at Radisys, we talked about how VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling enable a better voice quality, but the new codecs require more processing power, more advanced transcoding capabilities.

“Traditionally, as the capabilities of networks and devices have improved, new codecs have also emerged, delivering higher fidelity and quality, often in combination with lower bandwidth requirements to save spectrum. But the side effect is that modern codecs require much more coding, decoding, and transcoding processing power in modern networks,” Al told us.

The good news is that today’s wireless infrastructure can do that, over LTE, Wi-Fi and WebRTC. Al added: “Traditionally, as new codecs emerge and as adoption evolves, transcoding is done at the edge, at a media gateway or an SBC. Now, in the transition to the cloud and virtualization, the session management and the signaling capabilities of an SBC are well suited for a cloud deployment.”

As a result, Al said: “Service providers [can] deliver a broad range of applications that can compete at the feature level against OTT providers, [and] leverage their network and their control over that network to provide a better-quality experience.”

This interview is part of our upcoming report “Voice comes to the fore, again. VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling redefine voice.” Wehave also discussed this topic on a recent webinar. Download the webinar


Monica Paolini
Monica Paolini
Monica is an Analyst Angle Contributor to RCR Wireless News. She is the Founder and President of Senza Fili Consulting. Senza Fili provides expert advisory services on wireless data technologies and services.

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