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PlumGrid expands OpenStack support with ONS 5.0 platform

PlumGrid claims latest ONS 5.0 platform supports OpenStack Kilo and Liberty releases, leverages SDN overlays for traffic isolation and policy enforcement

PlumGrid unveiled the latest version of its Open Networking Suite 5.0 platform with support for OpenStack Kilo and Liberty releases targeting enterprises and service providers.

The vendor said the platform is designed to allow data centers with virtual machines, containers and bare metal architectures to leverage software-defined networking overlays in providing microsegmentation for multitenancy, traffic isolation and policy enforcement. The platform is said to include SDN support for Docker containers, expanded gateway integration with Cisco Nexus 9000, IPv6, and PlugGrid’s SmartLogs and CloudApex real-time SDN visualization and monitoring platform. PlumGrid last month joined the Docker Partner Program, making available working code for networking Docker containers.

PlumGrid claims with fully distributed data planes running IO Visor in-kernel, its ONS platform allows for dynamic virtual networking functions, service function chaining, scale-out forwarding and real-time analytics.

The latest release builds on PlumGrid’s ONS 4.0 platform, which launched last September.

OpenStack announced its Liberty release last October, which included improvements to management controls, performance enhancements for large deployments and “more powerful tools for managing new technologies like containers in production environment.”

A recent survey from the Linux Foundation’s OpenDaylight program of its members showed a strong move toward using OpenStack for cloud orchestration in terms of planned use of OpenDaylight for SDN and NFV deployments.

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