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The Telecom Council’s 2016 Innovation Showcase

Eagerly anticipated in the communications ecosystem is The Telecom Council’s annual Innovation Showcase. This year, on March 18 in the Juniper Aspiration Dome, 20 early-stage communication start-ups, selected by telco judges for their innovation, momentum, viability and management will meet with strategic fitting telcos, vendors, investors and potential partners for back-to-back pitch meetings.

This year, we open the doors to the public to showcase these companies beyond Telecom Council’s membership. If you are part of the innovation ecosystem, this is your chance to network with telcos, investors and vendor partner prospects over a 5-star gourmet lunch, and visit the start-ups demo tables to view firsthand the companies our telco judges viewed as the movers and shakers of 2016.

This year’s start-ups offer innovative solutions in the following segments:

  • Marketing/Ad Technology: Leveraging telco data for advanced consumer targeting.
  • Hadoop CDAP Abstraction Layer: Business level app creation across all major distros and data projects.
  • Customer Engagement Platform: Deliver and optimize personalized content across multiple channels/devices.
  • IoT Condition Monitoring: Shazam of IoT. Know the tune your system is singing.
  • Big Data & Security: Single pane of glass for Sensors, Alarms, CCTV systems.
  • SaaS Web Self-Serve: Predictive Intelligence enabling communication between online and call center.
  • Personal Safety Mobile app: Crowd-sourced personal safety and security service.
  • Wideband Interference Cancellation: Spectral efficiency improvement & cost reduction of RF front ends.
  • Crowdsharing Data: Data on-demand platform enabling ad hoc micro-data purchases on mobile.
  • Mobile App – Telehealth: Quality audio/video and medical device inputs all over low bandwidth.
    ICT – Hybrid Access Bonding: Invisible bonding of fixed and mobile networks into a ‘single pipe’.
  • Personalized Entertainment Content: Leveraging contextual sports meta-data & providing personalized highlight reels.
  • Collaboration: Immersive 3D surround-sound experience and powerful collaboration tools.
  • Big Data & Operating System: Integrative Big Data Platform addressing network operations use cases.
  • Call Center Device Support: Global leader of virtual devices empowering call center agent resolution.
  • Big Data Analytics Platform: Multibillion SQL queries with millisecond response times.
  • NFV Software: Commoditizing core networks routing with world’s fastest virtualized network software.
  • Digital Commodity: Crowdfunded investments in Telecom Wholesale Operations.
  • WebRTC: Object Real-Time Communications IOT, SDK & Server applications.
  • Enterprise/Cloud App: Foolproof OTT suite allows dated 911 systems to pinpoint the location of any call.

Have something to offer these startups? Request access to the Meeting Manager when you register to join us for the morning or afternoon session to hear pitches speed-dating style and become a part of their bright future.


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