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Samsung shakes up leadership

As part of its annual year-end evaluation, Samsung has chosen a new leader of its handset division. Koh Dong Jin, who had been in charge of Samsung’s research and development division will take over for long-time Samsung Mobile head JK Shin.

Recently, Jin has overseen projects that included Tizen, an open-source software platform; Knox, a business and personal security suite; and Samsung Pay.

The management moves come after the lukewarm reception to Samsung’s newest versions of its Galaxy S smartphone series, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which Jin was in charge of executing. The company saw a 38% drop in mobile profits during the quarter of the release, giving the company a year-over-year loss.

Shin underestimated demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge, which has a curved-screen and produced too many of the non-curved Galaxy S6. All of this comes as Samsung tries to keep pace with Chinese manufacturers that are quickly gaining ground in the market.

“Today’s appointments appear to acknowledge the need to develop a management system that can more proactively respond to challenges from Xiaomi and other Chinese companies,” Hansung University economics Professor Kim Sang-jo speculated.

But in spite of recent failures, Shin has left a solid legacy as head of Samsung’s mobile division. Since taking over in 2009, he lead earlier versions of the Galaxy S to record profits.

Samsung will also relieve its head of consumer electronics division, B.K. Yoon, of his leadership of the company’s home appliance division. Yoon will instead focus on “long-term strategy,” according to a statement released by the Korean device maker.

To combat drooping sales numbers, Samsung has re-designed many of its products and cut prices of its high-end products.


Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson
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