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Can you hear me now? Testing in-building signal strength

LAS VEGAS – With the near-ubiquity of mobile devices, it’s important for venue owners to provide robust cellular indoors. Small cells and distributed antenna systems work wonders, but, before spending big bucks on network infrastructure, a data-driven look at where connectivity is (and isn’t) inside a hotel, convention center, shopping mall and the like, is needed.

With that in mind, Mosaik Solutions this week launched indoor mode for its Signal Insights product. From a easy-to-use mobile app, Signal Insights can analyze signal and throughput of cellular and Wi-Fi networks. The new functionality was unveiled during the annual CTIA Super Mobility forum in Las Vegas.

The indoor mode of Signal Insights allows a user to upload an image of a floor plan or a photograph; the user can then tap, test, go; tap on a specific point in the building, run a test then move on to the next location. The software-as-a-service product works on Android-based smartphones.

Mosaik Solutions President and CEO Bryan Darr said, “Poor indoor network connections and capacity problems cripple the end-user experience. With our latest in-building testing capabilities, companies can efficiently understand indoor dynamics that are hindering their ability to deliver the best possible network experience.”

Signal Insights began with outdoor test capabilities earlier in the year when the product was launched.

“The outdoor mode has been available since the product was launched earlier this year,” Darr told RCR Wireless News at CTIA Super Mobility. “You can actually go do your drive testing, hooking multiple devices together … and it’ll show you along that drive test line how each of these networks perform directly against one another. We can now do the same thing on indoor mode.”

Mosaik Solutions has another product called TowerSource, which is a powerful tool for visualization of network assets. A user can essentially overlay a map with the location of towers, rooftop antennas and other infrastructure components; the software also can be used to show where fiber optic lines are located, analyze elevation and compare coverage areas.

Darr recently joined Joey Jackson to discuss TowerSource on RCRtv’s Cell Tower News.


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