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How NFV bolsters voice, video

Kontron discusses the impact virtualization can have on network capacity, including how NFV bolsters voice and video efficiency

Network capacity issues continue to impact mobile operators as consumer demand for voice and video services surpasses the billions of dollars spent on spectrum and advances in network technology those carriers are deploying. Many are looking towards the move towards virtualization in the form of network functions virtualization, software-defined networking and cloud technologies to help telecom operators manage the challenge.

Germany-based Kontron is looking to merge its experience in embedded computing solutions with virtualized platforms in helping telecom operators deploy more efficient networks. This week we spoke with Sven Freudenfeld, head of business development telecom and cloud infrastructure in Kontron’s Communication Business Unit, to get some insight into how the industry is tapping into virtualization to bolster network capacity and efficiency.

Freudenfeld touched on the importance of partnerships in order for vendors to meet carrier needs, citing Kontron’s work with Intel, Alcatel-Lucent and Vantrix. Freudenfeld also discussed how NFV platforms are being used to improve network efficiencies in terms of dealing with video and the increased use of data networks to transmit voice traffic; as well as the specific needs of telecom operators that still need to be tackled in order for broader support from those carriers.

The discussion follows up on recent news from Alcatel-Lucent on a partnership with China Mobile to deploy its NFV-based Rapport communications software in a move to consolidate the carrier’s video, voice and messaging services into a single platform, as well as support the rollout of voice-over-LTE and cloud-based services.

Make sure to join us on Aug. 28 for our next live episode of NFV/SDN Reality Check when we speak with Sandro Tavares, head of business development for telco cloud at Nokia Networks, on the impact new mobile technologies like “5G” and the “Internet of Things” is having on virtualization deployment plans.

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