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Becoming a ‘super’ with augmented reality

Now being a “super” (like in the movie “The Incredibles”) is actually possible, and you don’t even have to squeeze yourself into spandex, according to Ori Inbar, the co-founder and CEO of

Augmented Reality technologies are bringing real-world enhancements to our physiological and mental capabilities. Imagine volumes of books immediately accessible for scanning, EEG devices that help you interact with just a thought, and voice and gesture technology that enable multitasking while offering freedom of movement. Basically, AR is a form of superpower for us, according to Inbar. ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing AR and the producer of the Augmented Reality Expo.

Ori envisions 1B AR devices in the hands of users by 2020, and in his interview with the U2U Connect show, Ori describes:

  • His vision for Wearables in the near future and this upcoming AWE 2015 conference.
  • How various industries currently use AR such as manufacturing, utilities and other support services, and healthcare.
  • The impact Google glass has had on interactive smart eyewear with currently 15 versions being available in the market right now. One such example is glasses that offer X-ray vision so doctors and nurses can see through physical tissue immediately while working with patients.
  • How IoT and AR will combine.
  • The range between AR and VR gaming and how alternative games also will be impacted.
  • The role of telecom in AR.
  • He names companies to keep an eye on in the AR ecosystem including chip, projection, eyewear and other wearables companies also playing in this space.
  • What he sees as key issues that need to be addressed in order to have this industry sector truly take off.


Limor Schafman
Limor is a longtime observer and participant of The Convergence – the coming together of digital and real worlds, myriad technologies, and diverse industries which were formerly in different silos, to create more robust, rich, engaging experiences. As a marketing strategist and business development executive, Limor focuses on working with companies that have innovative, interactive technologies and tools in digital media, mobile, wireless, games, software services and hardware products. Limor began her career as an international corporate attorney, working in Paris France. With an eye always to what’s new, she is co-founder and past president of the IPv6 Forum for Israel; past president of the World Future Society D.C. Chapter; founder and chief instigator of the Games Gateway Serious Games Meetup (Washington DC); and co-founder of DC Games, and outdoor games festival. She has spoken and moderated panels at CES, CTIA, DCIA’s P2P conference and many others. Limor is Show Host of “U2U Connect” on RCR Wireless TV, which focuses on the Internet of Things and Wearable technologies. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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