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AT&T expands LTE roaming

AT&T broadened its international LTE roaming to 13 countries, building on an initiative it began late last year. The carrier said it now offers LTE roaming services across 15 countries.

The latest expansion adds roaming services to Spain, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Guam, Hong Kong and Antigua & Barbuda. The new markets join previously launched services in Canada with Rogers and the United Kingdom. AT&T said it has agreements in place to expand international LTE roaming to more than 200 countries.

To support customer usage and monitoring of their international data service, AT&T announced its International Travel App, which is available for Apple’s iOS and Google Android operating systems. The carrier said the application allows customers to track estimated data and messaging usage and set up alerts to notify them when they are approaching their plan limits.

AT&T Mobility offers various plans for international data services, beginning at $30 per month for 120 megabytes, scaling up to $60 per month for 300 MB and topping out at $120 per month for 800 MB.

T-Mobile US last October made a big push into international services by announcing that all customers signed up for its Simple Choice rate plans would have access to unlimited data and messaging services in more than 100 countries at no extra charge. Customers looking to communicate the old-fashioned way will be charged 20 cents per minute for all voice calls in those same markets. The free data service was described as speeds closer to 2G, though customers could purchase 3G “speed packs” providing a 100 megabytes per day for $15 or 500 Mb over two weeks for $50. LTE roaming is still not in the picture. T-Mobile US is also limiting the duration of the data offer, noting data roaming sessions will be limited to six weeks and that half of a customer’s total data usage over a three-month period must come from the carrier’s domestic network.

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