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Sold Out Mobility Live! Event: Watch Ralph de la Vega Keynote on RCRTV

ATLANTA, GA – Please join RCR Wireless News from Atlanta, GA, home to one of the richest mobile technology ecosystems in the world, as RCRTV provides near real-time video coverage of keynotes, panel discussions and presentations from Mobility LIVE!  This is a sold out event with headline keynotes from the following industry leaders:

  • Ralph de la Vega, AT&T Mobility
  • Paul Mankiewich, Cisco
  • Alan Dabbiere, AirWatch
  • Glenn Lurie, AT&T Mobility

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Atlanta, GA has long been a carrier, enterprise and content mobility hub. However, in today’s mobile-based economy, Atlanta is poised to be a leading center of real time mobility innovation – basically, where the rubber hits the road in terms of applying mobile innovation to real world challenges and opportunities.

For more insight about Mobility LIVE! and Atlanta’s roadmap for global mobility world domination, RCR Wireless News interviewed Larry Williams, Metro Atlanta Chamber VP Technology Industry Development


RCRWN: What is Mobility Live!

MAC: Mobility Live! brings together the leaders of the mobility community in Atlanta and beyond. Atlanta has the richest ecosystem for mobility in the world. It includes some of the largest content providers such as CNN, Turner, WeatherChannel and WebMD, the giants of security and Mobile security such as AirWatch, mobile payments leaders, the largest wireless carriers – AT&T mobility, Verizon and the biggest brands in the world that are driving revenues with Mobility – Coca Cola Co., Delta, UPS, Home Depot, Newell Rubbermaid and others.

We are pleased to have headliners such as Ralph de la Vega, AT&T Mobility; Paul Mankiewich, Cisco; Glenn Lurie, AT&T Mobility; Alan Dabbiere, AirWatch and others. The stars are coming out for Mobility LIVE!

This event, organized by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, will be foundational piece for a much larger event that will grow in Metro Atlanta over the next several years.


RCRWN: What can attendees and RCRTV viewers expect to hear about Atlanta, GA’s positioning as a leading center, worldwide, for applying mobility innovation?

MAC: The crowd can expect, not only, to hear from some of the country’s biggest mobility thought leaders, but also see demonstrations of some of the most cutting-edge mobile technology, including AT&T’s Digital Life and “connected car” products. From the latest advances in augmented reality to a peek at the connected world we are about to inhabit, this real-time exposure to technology offers a glimpse at what’s to come and the ripe potential of this market sector. Attendees also will hear real-world discussions on the hottest topics for the field, including mobile marketing, big data, e-commerce, mobile security and how to leverage mobile technology to drive revenues.


RCRWN: In today’s trade show crowded market, why is the Metro Atlanta Chamber hosting

MAC: This event is a critical component of our Mobility Task Force initiative, which seeks to make Atlanta the global hub for mobility. We have the technology, the innovation, the workforce, the leaders and the companies and customers, now it’s time to tell our story.


RCRWN: What can we expect to see in the future from MAC regarding mobility?

MAC: Atlanta’s mobility might is only going to increase in power and reach as this technology sector continues to become more essential to consumers and businesses. This event is only the start for additional signature events that will bring together industry leaders and is a foundational piece for a much larger event and effort that will grow in Metro Atlanta over the next several years.



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