YOU ARE AT:AmericasCable & Wireless Panama awarded two-year, $1.9M contract to manage healthcare

Cable & Wireless Panama awarded two-year, $1.9M contract to manage healthcare

Cable & Wireless Panama (CWP),  a part of Cable & Wireless Communications, announced that it was awarded a two-year, U.S.$1.9 million contract to implement a corporate asset management register. The project is aimed at helping reduce the costs of providing healthcare in Panama, by reducing administration costs and extending the useful life of equipment.

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This is the third social telecom contract won by CWP in the 2012/13 financial year, following a U.S.$10.2 million agreement to modernize the country’s National Public Registry and a U.S.$7.4 million contract to implement a Hospital Information System.

According to CWP, the online system will be used by Panama’s social security department (CSS), which funds around half of the country’s public hospitals and clinics through social security contributions. The company will manage more than 100,000 different assets including medical and biomedical equipment, air conditioning systems and a vehicle fleet.

To date, the CSS has managed all its assets manually without technological support.

The IT solution, Mansis XXI software, which was developed by MEGA systems, will be used to monitor the cost and location of assets in real time. The system will store maintenance plans for equipment and automatically generate orders when a service is due or when a piece of equipment nears the end of its useful life.

Cable & Wireless Panama noted that the register will create data circuits so that the Internet-based application is available to CSS employees throughout the country. All information stored within the system will be hosted by Cable & Wireless Panama in its secure data center facility.


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