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Report: iOS best platform for mobile ads

The latest “State of Mobile Advertising” report from Opera Software found that business and finance generate more revenue per impression than any other publishing category. The report also shows that Apple’s iOS leads the smartphone operating system pack with an average effective cost per thousand impressions of $2.85, though it is closely followed by Google’s Android OS at $2.10. The rest of the mobile phone field is significantly behind.

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The report suggests operating systmes with better usability and those with features that allow more interaction between advertisements and the device’s functionality have better monetization potential than less capable and less user-friendly software.

Among countries, Opera’s survey found that the United States and Canada generate the large majority of ad requests, with 73% of the global total. The United Kingdom is No. 2, followed by Indonesia and Japan. Among Latin American countries, Mexico ranks the highest at No. 7. China is at No. 9.


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