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Samsung and LG battle it out for iPad 3 screen production

Another day another iPad 3 rumor, and this latest one has Samsung and LG competing for main supplier of the high-res displays for Apple’s next generation tablet according to Mac Rumors.

With Apple and Samsung at each other’s legal throats, however, we wonder whether LG might be slightly better placed to win the lucrative contract for the upcoming super resolution screen, which we believe to also have 3D capabilities. Of course, LG also has experience with making 3G phones and tablets, so that could be another dead giveaway.

Courtesy of Netbook News

The display resolution has been cited as 2048X1536, which is far higher than the current iPad screen resolution, but lower than the crisp loveliness of the iPhone 4. It’s certainly high enough for Apple to market its next iteration: The iPad HD, though.

Whether Apple decides to give its current iPad 2 a little HD upgrade, or save the new screens for the iPad 3 remains to be seen. Either way, 3D, HD and brighter crisper screens should be making their way to an Apple tablet near you very shortly.


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