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Mformation takes RIM back to court: Mobile device management firm alleges patent infringement

A mobile device management software company has filed a lawsuit against Research in Motion Ltd. alleging infringement of two patents.
Mformation Technologies Inc. filed the lawsuit against the Canadian maker of the popular BlackBerry smartphones in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. Also named in the lawsuit is RIM’s U.S. subsidiary, Research in Motion Corp.
According to the lawsuit filed Friday, Mformation contends RIM has infringed on two of its patents by making, using and selling BlackBerry devices and associated management software. Mformation alleges RIM is using its innovative methods of remote device management.
The company gave RIM details of its remote device management systems during licensing discussions, according to the lawsuit. Mformation contends RIM refused to license Mformation’s systems and software, but modified its BlackBerry software to include the company’s patented systems and methods of remote management.
“We firmly believe in the importance of and value of innovation, and have invested significantly for many years in developing our industry leading device management technology,” Mformation’s CEO Mark Edwards said in a press statement. “We are also committed to protecting our intellectual property as it is a core asset of our business when absolutely necessary.”
Officials for RIM would not comment on the lawsuit. The company doesn’t typically comment on litigation, according to a spokesperson.
Mformation, which is based in New Jersey, was founded in 1999 and employs 100 people in the United States and 350 worldwide.
RIM is no stranger to the courtroom. Indeed, the company was the target of a high-profile patent-infringement lawsuit by NTP Inc. that RIM eventually settled for $612.5 million.


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