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Survey: Sprint Nextel scores customer service win: Pali Research finds carrier quickest in answering customer service calls

Sprint Nextel Corp.’s luck may be changing, at least in terms of customer service. According to recent survey results conducted by Pali Research, Sprint Nextel ranked first in response time – a significant statement for a carrier that has been raked over the coals in past customer service surveys.
The results showed Sprint Nextel answered more than 91% of calls in 30 seconds or less. Pali Research conducted the study by placing 2,500 calls to customer service during the third quarter of 2008. Pali Research conducted this same test during the first quarter and said the carrier answered 68% of calls in 30 seconds or less, with results falling to 52% of calls during the second quarter. Pali Research also found that the carrier answered 99% of calls in two minutes or less versus 84% during first quarter testing.
The lastest Pali Research testing also showed that Verizon Wireless answered 85% of calls, T-Mobile USA Inc. answered 43% of calls and AT&T Mobility answered 33% in less than 30 seconds.
“We believe Sprint is making tangible progress in improving churn, but Q3 gross additions in the CDMA business could be affected by the launch of the iPhone and a reduction in commissions,” the report said.
Sprint Nextel has also launched some in-store initiatives and other subscriber “rewards” to improve its customer service efforts (and its reputation).
However, Pali Research seems to be alone in its recent findings for Sprint Nextel. The latest customer care performance study by J.D. Power and Associates ranked Verizon Wireless on top and had Sprint Nextel as the only carrier to score below the industry average. Verizon Wireless also scored highest in another recent J.D. Power and Associates study on call quality.


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