Hedge*hog*ing v. Interrupting conversations in an office environment by poking your head over the top of the cube.
One of the most interesting statements on the inside pages of RCR Wireless News this week that may get lost in the pre-CTIA mayhem? On Page 27, an executive from Facebook notes that the site experiences a consistent lull each week during the time Grey’s Anatomy is shown. And traffic picks up during commercials on that primetime drama. That tells us that even outside the wireless space, quality matters. Cellphone operators would be wise to keep that in mind while embarking on their new multimedia ventures.
This week all we can talk about is CTIA. The show has taken over every waking minute, our voicemail and our e-mail. It has been CTIA 24/7.
Speaking of CTIA, some on the staff are excited about hitting Orlando. It will likely be warm and sunny, and for us in the Denver area that have had our fair share of snow and cold, this is a good thing. But others are whining that the city lacks a certain flair that makes events in places like San Francisco, New Orleans, and for some of us, Las Vegas so much better.
SafeMedia Corp. launched what it calls an “advanced Internet Piracy Prevention technology” designed for “eradicate” Internet peer-to-peer copyrighted material piracy. While the mission of the application seems noble, the product’s name-“Clouseau”-is short of hilarious. Naming something that is supposed to protect copyrighted material after a bumbling, though admittedly funny, fictional detective is marketing genius.
Some company with the unfortunate name of Ojom GmbH said it plans to launch a mobile game based on the zombie movie “Land of the Dead.” While most movies that have been translated into a mobile game not been the greatest, this seems the perfect platform. Ojom’s channel manager put it best: “It’s perfect for anyone waiting for the bus or traveling home from work on the train wanting to unwind by kicking some ‘un-dead’ butt.”
Speaking of movie-to-mobile game transformations, Namco Networks announced plans to bring the Popeye to mobile phones through a partnership with King Features. (Yes, this is what we talked about this week. To put it in perspective, review the CTIA 24/7 comments above.) While this is probably more like translating a comic strip to mobile, it brought back fond memories of that awesome early ’80s flick starring Robin Williams and Shelly Duval. That movie was spinachtacular! The thought of a squinty-eyed Robin Williams on a phone is almost enough to make Dan want to actually pay for a mobile game. Almost.


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