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It’s Popeye the mobile game, toot toot!

The animated character that made spinach a mystical elixir will continue battling his arch-rival Bluto on his lasting quest to win back his sweetie for years to come, thanks to a new deal to bring the classic arcade game Popeye to the mobile environment. Popeye is scheduled to make his mobile game debut next fall, announced Namco Networks America Inc. in partnership with King Features Syndicate Inc.
Popeye first appeared in comic strips in 1929 and has since lived many lives from cartoons, toys and theme park attractions to arcade and home video games.
“Popeye is a mass-market icon that has been entertaining adults and kids alike for decades,” Namco executive Scott Rubin said. “We are excited to add Popeye to our lineup of top-selling arcade classic mobile games.”
The game asks players to collect the hearts, or music notes and cries of “H-E-L-P” that a captured Olive tosses down, while avoiding the Sea Hag’s bouncing skulls, Bluto’s punches and other dangers. If Popeye gets his spinach he temporarily gains the strength to knock Bluto off the screen. The mobile edition will also include networked components, additional game play and cameos by other characters from the series.
“With a strong, clearly defined personality, Popeye has enjoyed universal popularity,” King Features executive Ita Golzman said. “We believe that combing Popeye, a classic icon, with Namco’s proven record for developing innovative and fun mobile games will result in a mobile game enjoyed by consumers of all ages.”


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