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Voce adds Treo, Motorola and Nokia devices to handset lineup

High-end mobile virtual network operator Voce expanded its handset lineup with the inclusion of Palm Inc.’s Treo smartphone, a move that raises the question whether the company has succeeded in adding a data component to its primarily voice service.
Voce’s Web site now shows that the MVNO offers the Motorola Inc. Pebl, Nokia Corp.’s 7380 and the Treo 650, in addition to its previous offerings of the Moto Razr and the Nokia 8801. Voce customers could use the Razr and 8801 for voice and text messaging, which both use voice channels, but due to Voce’s agreement with Cingular Wireless L.L.C., the MVNO could not offer wireless data services such as e-mail and Web browsing.
Voce’s offering runs over Cingular’s network. A Cingular spokesman said the carrier does not offer data services to its MVNO partners.
Whether the ex-panded lineup, notably the Treo smartphone, implies that Voce will offer data services awaits an answer from Voce. The MVNO did not respond last week to questions over the capabilities of its new devices.
Last fall, Voce’s CEO, Steve Stanford, said his firm would like to offer data services, perhaps by expanding beyond its current deal with GSM carrier Cingular.
The MVNO continues to offer unlimited domestic calling, text messaging and directory assistance for $200 per month and a one-time $500 activation fee. Customers also receive a free handset every year.


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