Hedge*hog*ing v. Interrupting conversations in an office environment by poking your head over the top of the cube.

Further proof that technology is surpassing people’s ability to comprehend it. Some rocket scientists moonlighting as thieves were arrested in New York after authorities activated the signal on 14 GPS devices stolen by the half-wits. Almost makes you feel sorry for the perps. Almost.

The blogosphere was in a tither last week with rumors that Sprint Nextel was on the verge of instituting a $1 per day access fee for customers looking to view certain off-deck Web sites. According to several sites, the carrier was planning to introduce the charge last Monday, which-when that didn’t happen-was pushed back to Tuesday. The plan was reportedly scrapped following the online uproar. Not sure if the planned charges were true-Sprint Nextel would not comment on plans to do it, only that they were not going to do it-but it sure was fun following the blog-o-bitching.
Why do new phones today have the default ringtone set as “salsa” or “clubland” or “rockme” or some other equally terrible jingle that sounds like a Wang Chung knockoff? All you handset folks out there: You are not impressing anyone. Just make it ring. Thank you.
CBS teamed with mobile content company Artificial Life to make a mobile game based on the TV show “Big Brother.” We simply can’t imagine a more boring premise to a mobile game. Unless of course you’re armed with an M60 and the goal of the game is to gun down all the contestants. That would be cool. But seriously: Mobile games as a promotional tool is fine and all, but perhaps we could use a little discretion. We’re worried the next step in the mobile gaming market is a game promoting mobile games, where you pick and choose what to put on a carrier’s deck. (A side note: There is a mobile game called “Paris Hilton’s Diamond Quest.” The rapture is upon us.)
Nickelodeon recently released the results of a research study it conducted about the new “digital family.” Nickelodeon found out, among other things, that 31 percent of kids no longer feel the need to have a landline phone. The question is: What the heck is Nickelodeon doing funding research studies? Shouldn’t it be concentrating on its core strengths, like dropping goo on people? Or showing “Tom and Jerry” reruns? Seriously, though, the study was conducted by SpongeBob and Patrick, so you know it’s credible.
Newest cool mobile application? Tellme Networks audible 411 service. The free Java app allows users to receive all the usual 411 information plus map and directions. The service is only available on a handful of handsets from Cingular and Sprint Nextel-but the Razr is one of them so that should include nearly everyone in the country-and in case you missed it, it’s free. Ranks just behind Google Maps and Opera Mini on the list of must-have free wireless apps.


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