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Verizon Wireless joins the party, raises texting fee to 15 cents per message

Verizon Wireless plans to join its compatriots in raising the price of per-message texting, bumping the rate for sending and receiving messages from 10 cents apiece to 15 cents for postpaid subscribers.
Sprint Nextel Corp. made similar changes to its messaging rates last year, followed shortly thereafter by Cingular Wireless L.L.C.
The change will start March 1, according to a legal notice posted on Verizon Wireless’ Web site. The change affects both domestic and international text messaging charges. However, prepaid subscribers will continue to pay 10 cents per message.
Like Sprint Nextel and Cingular, Verizon Wireless is not changing the prices it charges for messaging bundles. According to the notice on Verizon Wireless’ Web site announcing the price changes, the carrier offers messaging bundles starting at $5 per month for 250 text, picture or video messages. However, visitors shopping through the carrier’s Web site can only select messaging options starting from $10 per month.
Verizon Wireless’ messaging bundles do not cover international text messages.
Verizon Wireless representatives could not immediately be reached for comment on whether the changes will affect the carrier’s early termination fees. According to the carrier’s customer agreement, Verizon Wireless has the right to change prices at any time so long as it gives written notice before the billing period in which the change takes effect; customers are allowed to terminate their contracts without an ETF if the changes have a “material adverse affect” on them, by calling within 60 days of when they receive notice.


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